You know what you can get out of your Porsche. But you also know what you cannot get into it. Trip to the Broadmoor to play golf? Not possible until now.

FunBuddy is born! After a decade of incubation, the world now has the key to the enhanced enjoyment of your favorite two-seater car. FunBuddy is the snappy fiberglass small travel trailer perfectly sized and equipped for sports cars. Now you can really go and do things in your stylish car. And you can take along your favorite girl, and all her stuff, too. FunBuddy is the perfect light travel trailer for small cars.

Imagine not needing an SUV to go skiing. FunBuddy stores neatly up against the garage wall. When you’re ready to travel, just load it with up to three standard sports racks and up to 500 pounds, and you’re off! Going to the Broncos game? Take FunBuddy and tailgate. Take a trip across the country in your iconic car. FunBuddy makes your favorite car not just a toy, but an expression of your life.






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