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Photo Jun 22, 1 07 27 PMJack Lawler is the consummate designer. An architect for almost 60 years, his creative brain works 24/7, and often solves design problems in his sleep. Numerous unique buildings exist and have won awards because of his design prowess.

In the recession of 2007-8, with not enough of others’ problems to solve, his mind went to designing what he thought the world (at least his world) needed. Jack has long thought the Miata a beautiful car and has owned one for many years. “What this world needs is a good looking trailer for small cars”, is what led to FunBuddy. Plans were drawn and production of “the plug” began in the garage. Long story short, architecture clients came after the recession and the plug stood upright in his garage for years.

Jack has five successful professional children, 12 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. And one FunBuddy, so far.

Kathryn Lindall, Jack’s business partner and ex-wife, has had a few job descriptions worthy of note: teacher, Registered nurse, retail store owner, and financial consultant with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. However, she’s most proud of her efforts in raising her three stellar children. At present she has five grandchildren.

Kathryn and Jack both agree that nothing like Jack’s trailer design existed, and it should. Thus, FunBuddy was incorporated in August 2013, and opened for business in 2016. Patent proudly pending.

AboutPhotoThe designer of FunBuddy is an architect and in many ways the final product is more architectural than automotive. FunBuddy is designed as an iconic addition for your iconic two seater special car. The first purpose of the FunBuddy was to “expand the journey” of the small two seater fun car. It’s easy to love these sporty cars but as much as you love them they have some serious limits to their mission. One can’t take a friend for a round of golf, or a ski trip, or a weekend in Aspen. In short, there is not much room.

Of course there are small trailers to buy or rent but they tend to be less than an asset behind your iconic and fun car. It’s like a bad addition to a beautiful house or klutzey shoes with a great suit. It doesn’t help to serve a function with a bad looking tool.

FunBuddy is low enough so that the rear view mirror is still useful and the mass of the trailer does not dominate the car-trailer ensemble. It’s design is tasteful and quiet as a good addition should be and it does not in any way compete with the iconic car.

Many early comments became suggestions to the designer. “Will it take up your car’s space in the garage?” launched the design of an accessory stand that allowed FunBuddy to stand on its tail and take up little more space than a refrigerator-freezer on the side or back of the garage or carport. “Can it carry bikes or skis?” led to the addition of three standard receptors, (one in the rear and one on each side) so that bikes, skis, and even kayaks can be easily transported and handled because of their low position on the sides of FunBuddy.

No, you can’t sleep in it (or at least not yet), but the bed is waterproof and you can ice a keg in it, plug in grills in the receptors and tailgate with a friend at a Broncos’ game in your Porsche! Expand your journeys!






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