1. Easy travel wheel $100
  2. Winch $200
  3. Stand $300
  4. Spare wheel $150
Stand and winch The steel stand is inserted into the aft receptor and this provides a sturdy base for the trailer to stand on when it becomes elevated to stand vertically on its rear. The winch/hoist may be either electrically operated or manually raised. In this vertical position, the trailer takes very little floor area and occupies little more space than a refrigerator/ freezer in a garage or carport. Easy Travel Wheel A simple but very useful accessory for your FunBuddy Trailer is the Easy Travel Wheel. This is a steel tube with a swivel type caster wheel on the bottom and a steel hook on the top. When the trailer is unhitched, the easy travel wheel is put into the socket on the tongue and this does two things. It provides a hook for your winch hoist so that the trailer can be stood on its tail for convenient storage. It also allows easy one-hand maneuvering of the unhitched trailer.






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