biking Just fantasize how you can use this wonderful tool! Whatever you have fun doing, think sports, hobbies, or travelling, you can now “Expand Your Journeys” in your two-seater car. FunBuddy is patent-pending for its cool design and its 3 standardized ports, 2 are 1 1/4 inch, and the one on back is 2 inches. They accept any sport rack, so whatever your sport, you can haul your equipment.

FunBuddy is perfect for tailgating. Plug a grill into a port, ice a keg in the waterproof interior, and you’ve got yourself a party! Later, when stood upright, it drains, and can then be stored up against the garage wall to wait for the next time.

The main reason to own a FunBuddy is to travel in your favorite car. Weekend trips to the Broadmoor for golf are now possible! Cross country road trips are made easy with FunBuddy. When you’re through travelling for the day, simply unload what you’ll need, unhook FB from your car, lock it, and you’re good to go out on the town in the evening in your sports car. What could be easier?






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